Productions 540 - Our expertise

Our expertise

In recent years, Productions 540 has specialized in the realization of projects in the following areas, since 2010


Where does our food come from and the steps involved that take it from farm to table? Some of the images shot for the food and agriculture industry are truly inspiring and grand! Profiling the farmers and organizations that harvest, transport, clean, and produce our food is a subject that fascinates us!

Manufacturing / Construction

We have extensive experience shooting on construction sites and in warehouses. We are more than happy to comply with any training or preparatory meetings required prior to the shoot. We even bring our own steel toe boots, helmets and safety vest!

Medical field

We had the opportunity to film in laboratories with delicate materials. We have conducted numerous interviews with patients, nurses, doctors and dentists. Our team is always aware of the environment and approaches each scenario with the utmost care. To ensure that your project is completed in the best possible conditions, we can sterilize equipment or prepare in any way before production begins.

School / Education

Learning with them; our children, our future professionals! With the trust of area schools, we have produced educational videos for a range of ages, industries, and levels of understanding from curriculum descriptions to proms to end of school, online learning, and classroom training.


One of the best ways to entice customers to try your restaurant is to show them what they are missing if they don’t! 540 Productions brings life to your business, your staff and the atmosphere.


Productions 540 creates videos with a rhythm that leads to action! Whether you need a promotional video to present your automotive product or service, we’re there! We can also create a series of training videos of all types.

Real estate

It is often faster to get a message across via video than via text… therefore, the consumer often prefers to watch a real estate video rather than a brochure. It is crucial to get the customer’s attention as quickly as possible, and video can certainly help you do that.

Financial area

The financial world can sometimes seem complex to the consumer. We’re here to translate the high-level business jargon into terms your customers can easily understand. We’re there from start to finish to make sure your customers get the most out of what you have to offer.


The videos we produce for nonprofits are the ones that touch people, generate inspiration and stimulate social change. We’ve worked with nonprofits large and small. Whatever your budgetary restrictions; contact us and see how we can work together to bring an idea to life through video.